Despite the stories you may have heard, purchasing a firearm online is completely legal, and the following steps will ensure your experience is seamless and legitimate.

First, if you live in the Colorado Springs area, make contact with Gunny (910) 467-7263, text/or call.  We will do a face to face transfer of the firearm you want to purchase.

Outside of the Colorado Springs area, make contact with Gunny (910) 467-7263, text/or call.  This gives you peace of mind that Gunny's is a legitimate firearms dealer.  You can also look Gunny's up on if you are still concerned.  Type in zip code, 80919 and all my information will appear like magic.  Gun Broker compiles a list of legitimate FFL dealers on their website to prevent such scams.  

Next, we will schedule a form of payment for your firearm.  Gunny's takes all major credit cards, USPS money orders and bank certified checks.  I can take personal checks, but there will be a 10 day hold on the check or until my bank gives the all clear. Simultaneously, you will need to locate another FFL dealer in your local area who accepts mailed firearms.  This can be a local mom and pops store or a major chain. I suggest using as you can easily punch in your zip code and find one close to home.  

Once contact is made with your local FFL dealer, I will need a copy of their FFL License emailed to or text to my phone @ 910-467-7263.  


Finally, once Gunny's has received payment for the purchase and a copy of your local FFL dealer's license.  Your firearm will be mailed out the following business day to your local FFL dealer's address.  Gunny's will place a copy of his FFL license inside the package along with your newly purchased firearm.  

Once your local FFL dealer receives the package you will be required to complete a background check (Form 4473) before you receive your firearm.

Once your background check is complete and you pass, the firearm will be delivered to you by your FFL dealer that YOU personally chose.  

NOTE: If for some reason you DO NOT PASS your background check, Gunny's WILL NOT refund your money, nor will Gunny retake ownership of your firearm(s).  Once the firearm has been mailed, and your local FFL dealer takes custody of the firearm it becomes that FFL dealers responsibility to legally transfer the firearm. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of the BUYER (YOU) to know their own legal standing and/or ability to purchase a firearm--NOT GUNNY's!!!